October 31, 2023

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Real Women Living Naturally Thin - Part 2

This week, I’m continuing to share insights from real women in the Naturally Thin for Life program. It’s essential to recognize that each of them brings a unique body and a distinct set of experiences to the program. What unites them is their ability to achieve weight loss by connecting with their body’s signals on the Naturally Thin for Life journey.

Tune in to hear Becky’s story of overcoming years of an eating disorder, Celia’s perspective on befriending hunger and grappling with exercise frustrations, Erica’s emphasis on the importance of feeling good, Shawn’s exploration of willpower and societal beauty standards, and Jana’s insights from a Type-A personality, where addressing emotional needs was key to her weight loss journey.

I hope you find inspiration in the journeys of those who have paved the way. The Naturally Thin community holds immense power, and I’m always delighted to hear how individuals have discovered peace and joy in their bodies through the teachings of Naturally Thin for Life. Consider what it could mean for you to embrace your Naturally Thin self.

If you are ready to lose weight without deprivation, restriction, or willpower, join the only program designed for successful, driven women to end obsessive dieting and gain the freedom of being Naturally Thin for Life. You’ll learn to implement the tools and concepts I teach to only eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and become Naturally Thin For Life. Click here to join the program today.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How real women have benefitted from the Naturally Thin for Life principles. 
  • How to have your dream body and mental stability.
  • Why exercise does not need to be the only path toward weight loss.
  • Why I never tell people what to eat. 
  • What motivation can feel like when you feel good in your body. 

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