Live in your DREAM body without another diet

Never count calories, track macros, intermittent fast or try regular intuitive eating again

It's time to (finally!!) reach your dream weight and maintain it with ease.

"I weigh less now than when I was counting calories! I feel so much freedom knowing I never have to track what I eat again and can still feel this good!"

~ Jaime, Naturally Thin for LifeTM member

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If you are a fed-up dieter, you're in the right place! 

So many women (myself included) follow diets for years or decades and even lose weight on those diets. But…

The minute you loosen control – the weight always comes back.

It's the worst!

I get it - for most of my life, I tried everything to lose weight, but nothing worked long-term.

I was embarrassed! I would get so down on myself and think:  

“If only I had just a little more willpower, I could stick to this diet and keep the weight off!!”  

“I’m doing everything right (tracking calories, running!) but I’m not losing weight. Maybe I’m just not meant to be thin!

After losing 60 pounds, staying at my ideal weight for 6+ years (even after 3 babies), and helping thousands of women do the same with the Naturally Thin For for LifeTM Method, here’s what I’ve learned:

* More willpower or self-control is not the answer *

Diets don't work - and they aren't realistic as rules to live by for life!

Diets don't work because when you're on a diet, you constantly think about food.

How much can I eat?

Am I allowed to have *this* type of food? 

How many calories do I have left today?

Oh, well forget it, I'll just start again tomorrow.


When you always think about food, you're never free from food.

With diets, you never truly overcome your desire to overeat in the first place. Instead, you constantly fight against your body, your hunger and your body's genuine satisfaction.

Eventually, no matter how determined and disciplined you are, your brain rebels against your willpower  … you loosen your control on your diet … and the weight comes back.

I have been there. So many times. I want you to know you absolutely can lose weight without restricting food, battling your body, or going on a diet ever again.

Here's why you haven't been able to lose the weight and keep it off easily (yet!):

Losing weight and being naturally thin is not as simple as eating fewer calories, sticking to a diet with more willpower or working out more rigorously.

If it were, you would have done it by now – guaranteed.  You're successful, disciplined and determined. You’ve been white-knuckling your way through diets for as long as you can remember!

And right now, you might feel stuck between two terrible options: 

❌Continue tracking calories and dieting…but not seeing the results you’d like.

And, to be totally honest, you are SO OVER tracking everything you eat, and beyond ready to never write down another calorie ever again. 

❌Ditch your diet…and settle for not living at your ideal weight

These options suck! 

There's another way...

✅Follow the proven, step-by-step Naturally Thin for for LifeTM Method that shows you how to:

  • Stop the "Diet Brain' cycle of restricting followed by over-indulging and truly end any desire to overeat in the first place
  • Respond to your hunger cues and feed your body in a way that always leaves you feeling satisfied, light, lean, and energized
  • Handle, process, and release any emotion – good or bad – without turning to a few extra snacks as a distraction

Welcome to thNaturally Thin For for LifeTM Method!!

Get ready to naturally fuel your body with only what it wants and needs, lose the weight, keep it off, and end the constant dieting, restricting overeating, and obsessing about the 'right' food.

You will lose weight in Naturally Thin for LifeTM regardless of your age, background, health history or lifestyle.

Your new approach to living in your dream body, diet-rule free... 

Naturally Thin for LifeTM

A monthly membership for women of all ages and backgrounds who want to lose weight without constantly thinking about food, counting calories or relying on another strict diet program.

When you join, expect to lose 20-30 pounds within 90 days and reach your dream weight peacefully and rapidly.

"I lost 23 pounds in 12 weeks! This is the missing piece. I was able to lose this weight even during a tough personal time when I was caring for my husband after he had 3 strokes."

~ Erica, Naturally Thin for LifeTM member

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With Naturally Thin For LifeTM you will lose weight without counting calories, tracking macros, restricting food, or relying on traditional intuitive eating

Even if you ...

Have struggled your whole life with losing weight

✅Have an auto-immune diagnosis or food sensitivities

✅Are in perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause

Women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s – who previously spent most of their life on some diet or another – have reached their dream weight inside Naturally Thin For LifeTM

✅Cannot (or prefer not) to exercise 

✅Are pregnant or breastfeeding

I don’t recommend losing weight during pregnancy, but this program will prevent gaining excess weight so you feel your absolute best and show you how to lose weight after having your baby. 

✅Have a busy lifestyle

We have women who are extremely career-driven, full-time caregivers, moms, business owners – you name it – who are losing weight and keeping it off for good inside Naturally Thin For LifeTM 

"I lost 12 pounds in a couple weeks which is insane to me when I think about the amount of things I've tried in the past to even lose a single pound!

I'm excited to get dressed in the morning. I'm excited to be on video for my job. I just feel so good - I feel electric!"

~ Priscila, Naturally Thin for LifeTM member

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What's included in your Naturally Thin for LifeTM membership:

Immediate, on-demand access to the following to start losing weight day one

The Naturally Thin for LifeTM 5-Step Method

The Naturally Thin for LifeTM Method is broken down into simple, easy-to-follow, and quick video lessons that will show you how to start losing weight from day one.

You will feel more calm, peaceful, and in control of what you eat (and, in general, feel more relaxed throughout the day) as soon as you begin.

The method will show you how to navigate stressful days without overeating, what to do when intense cravings come up, how to remain Naturally Thin when you're traveling, outside your normal routine, on vacation, during the dinner hour with kids, at night after a long day, and more. 

Your Implementation Workbook

This workbook goes hand-in-hand with all the lessons inside the Naturally Thin Method and helps you implement all the knowledge you gain in this program so you see the results.

As countless women have shared after joining, it is 'the only tool' you need to stop the restricting and then over-indulging cycle, become free from constantly thinking about food, and reach your dream weight.

Unlimited Live Support

Losing weight always comes with questions, especially when you've been dieting your entire life! I'm here to support you and help you troubleshoot any personal obstacles that arise as you lose weight.

We have weekly group calls over Zoom, or you can post any question inside your private member portal 24/7 to get personalized feedback, advice and answers on your journey. You are not in this alone and having support along the way to accelerate your results.

The Naturally Thin Bonus Course Library

After your first week as a member, you unlock all 12 Naturally Thin bonus courses. 

Pick and choose from these supplemental bonus courses to further personalize your weight loss based on the topics that will help you the most. 

Example bonus courses: How to Adore Your Body, Naturally Thin Confidence, Lose Weight After a Baby, Free Yourself from Anxiety, Naturally Thin Holidays, and more.

Mobile App + Private Podcast

With the app and private podcast, you can consume every training and coaching call to gain all the knowledge within Naturally Thin for LifeTM anytime, anywhere.

Simply pop in your earbuds, listen on the go, and you're all set! Replays of all live coaching calls (past and present) are available.

Your Membership Options

Get ready to lose 20-30 pounds in the next 90 days!

Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

dive in


/ month

  • Immediate and ongoing access to live support and materials outlined above.
  • Cancel anytime with a click of a button, no questions asked.

Curious how the membership works? Take a look ...

Get a behind the scenes look of Naturally Thin for LifeTM with the video below

The Naturally Thin for LifeTM Guarantee

I am so confident that you’ll lose 20-30 pounds in the next 90 days when you join Naturally Thin for LifeTM that I want you to feel excited about signing up and getting to experience the freedom of being done with obsessive dieting for good!

The Naturally Thin for LifeTM Guarantee gives you 90 days to complete all the video trainings in the program, implement each workbook exercise and receive coaching every week.

If you complete the program, and after 90 days, you still have not lost 20 pounds (or reached your goal weight if you have less than 20 pounds you want to lose), simply request a refund for your full 90 days of membership with an email to us.



Join Naturally Thin for LifeTM to truly live the rest of your life in your dream body, diet-rule free!

"I've lost 30 pounds! I finally trust my body and have eating habits that feel true to me.

I've also learned how much power I have over all my emotions, which affects not just how I approach food but life. I am so much happier and have so much more compassion for myself."

~ Erin, Naturally Thin for LifeTM member

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You may be nervous about joining *another* weight loss program (understandably so) …

Naturally Thin for LifeTM is a monthly membership designed for you to...

  • Have all the tools you need to lose 20-30 lbs in your first 90 days and keep it off - on your own. 
  • Develop immense trust with yourself so you won't need any external accountability (from anyone) because you will have the lifelong skill of being Naturally Thin.
  • Be 20-30 pounds lighter in just 90 days and feel confident you know how to continue on and live in your dream body for the rest of your life.

Me at 195 pounds...

Counting calories, doing P90X, always on a diet... exhausted, frustrated and embarrassed. I lived very unhappily this way for over a decade.

Now... me at 136 pounds

Today, I'm effortlessly 136 pounds at 5'11" with 3 kids under 5, no counting or restriction. Instead, I have peace and freedom - the way we are meant to eat and live!

Calorie counting, marathons, raw vegan, intermittent fasting, keto, juice cleanses - you name it, I've done it.

hi, I'm Laura Dixon 

For most of my life, it drove me crazy that I could not figure out how to lose weight and keep it off easily.

It wasn't for a lack of determination or even discipline! And it definitely wasn't because I lacked willpower or drive.

I became a director at a Fortune 500 tech company as a CPA before I was 30. If you give me a problem, I'll solve it.

Which is why my constant struggle to lose weight just didn't make sense! How could I be so successful in my career, yet struggle with my weight?

Then - finally - after a decade of neurotically trying to lose weight by following everyone else's rules and programs, I lost 60 pounds through what I now call The Naturally Thin for LifeTM Method. The weight came off and stayed off - quickly and peacefully.

With this method, I've felt amazing in my body and lived at my dream weight for over 6 years (even through multiple pregnancies), and I've helped thousands of women of all ages achieve the same.

When you join this membership, you will have everything you need to lose 20-30 lbs in the next 90 days and reach your dream weight.

No more obsessing over food. No more dieting, restricting, or using endless willpower to lose weight.

You'll live your life free from constantly thinking about food - and feel really really amazing in your body (finally!!!). Join me inside this membership now.

"There isn't much I haven't tried to lose weight. But, at age 52, while recovering from surgery and being a full-time caregiver, for the first time in my life, I am losing weight without having to track a single calorie or macro!"

~ Brenda, Naturally Thin for LifeTM member

Press play to hear how Brenda lost weight inside Naturally Thin for LifeTM

"I'm right at my goal weight! More than that, I've been able to end the constant preoccupation of dieting that I carried with me for three decades."

~ Geraldine, Naturally Thin for LifeTM member

Press play to hear how Geraldine lost weight inside Naturally Thin for LifeTM

How can I overcome my cravings for sugar - especially when I get my period?

What do I do when I'm super stressed out at work and just want to eat all the snacks?

I do so well during the day but can't get the evenings under control, why?

You get personalized answers to every question you have as a Naturally Thin for LifeTM member.

In the meantime...

Here are answers to a few FAQs you might have before joining.

If you have a question that's not listed here, send us email at laura@naturallythinforlife.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

Naturally Thin for LifeTM FAQ's

Is this the same as intuitive eating?

I've found it's almost impossible for a 'Diet Brain' to jump straight to intuitive eating. Years of restriction, deprivation and strict rules require you to rebuild trust with your body so that you are able to use your body's cues to tell you exactly when, what and how much to eat to reach your ideal weight. Your body WANTS you to be Naturally Thin and it will tell you exactly how to get there but you need to hone your skill of easily and automatically listening to it. 

Often when your 'Diet Brain' attempts to eat intuitively (without the step-by-step process to rebuild the trust required with your body), you may end up with "rebellious" eating where your 'Diet Brain' just wants to eat everything that you've been restricting for years and often you end up gaining weight. The 5-Step Naturally Thin for LifeTM method is the exact roadmap a 'Diet Brain' needs to simultaneously lose weight and develop the lifelong skill of being an effortless intuitive eater so that you live peacefully in your dream body.

Do I have to give up certain foods?

Nope, never.

Does this work if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, the Naturally Thin for LifeTM program will work for you. This program should never replace your relationship with your primary health care provider. The 5-Step Naturally Thin for LifeTM method will allow you to tune into and trust your body no matter the season or phase of life. While I don't recommend 'weight loss' to be your goal during pregnancy, this program can help you prevent putting on excess weight during pregnancy and allow you feel as optimal as possible with your food choices by tuning into the food that serves your body during the this season of your life.

Plus - the skills you develop using the Naturally Thin for LifeTM Method while you're pregnant will enable you to lose weight more easily and peacefully after baby arrives while also knowing how to develop eating habits that serve you alongside the emotional and hormonal changes with a new baby.

Will this work for me if I am over 65 and have struggled my whole life?

Yes. This time gets to be different. It's time to put this behind you for good and live the rest of your life the Naturally Thin way.

Does this work if I binge?

Yes, the Naturally Thin for LifeTM program will help you put an end to binging for good. However, if your binge eating significantly impacts your ability to function in your daily life, I suggest you seek the support of a licensed therapist who specializes in binge eating disorder either before joining this program or in combination with this program. If you feel your binge eating does not significantly impact your ability to function in your daily life, this program will help you put an end to compulsive, out of control eating. I personally used to binge eat regularly and this was my first area of focus in healing my food relationship on my journey to becoming Naturally Thin.

Will this work if I have an auto-immune diagnosis or food sensitivities?

Yes, the Naturally Thin for LifeTM program will work for you. This program should never replace your relationship with your primary health care provider. The 5-Step Naturally Thin for LifeTM method will allow you feel more energized and vibrant in your body even with an autoimmune diagnosis and allow you to tune into your body to reach your body's ideal weight while living with the mental freedom you are craving.

Will I still be able to eat meals with my family / kids / friends?

YES! Inside Naturally Thin For LifeTM you eat when you’re hungry and easily stop when you're satisfied. You eat foods that serve your body and make you feel nourished, light, and energized. 

You also learn to let go of the guilt or obligation you might feel around 'having' to eat when you’re with others (especially when you aren't hungry). You'll end up feeling more connected and present when you sit down with your family, kids or friends regardless of your food choices. And you'll spend your time after a meal being more present with others because you feel physically great in your body.

On our live coaching calls, I’ll help you navigate situations like holidays, parties, vacations, and dinners out the Naturally Thin way.

When are the live calls inside Naturally Thin for Life?

The live coaching calls are every Wednesday at 12pm (noon) CT and last for 75 minutes. The replay of each call is available within 24 hours of the live call time. You also get access to the entire live coaching call library which includes hundreds of prior live calls, listed by topic so you can search for any applicable topic you're interested in. You can watch the call replays inside your member portal or you can listen on your members-only private podcast feed which delivers the audio of every live call directly to where you listen to podcasts.

You can also obtain live support through the members-only Written Coaching, which is available to you 24/7.

"I have lost 40 pounds! To lose this weight so peacefully and keep it off after years of dieting and exercising without results ... it's just ... I almost can't even believe it!"

~ Celia, Naturally Thin for LifeTM member

Press play to hear how Celia lost weight inside Naturally Thin for LifeTM

Reach your dream weight and live FREE from having to constantly think about diet and exercise

When you join Naturally Thin For LifeTM you will instantly recognize the ‘Diet Brain’ thoughts you have around food that cause your brain to rebel (and the weight to stay put). 

Then, you’ll replace this cycle of deprivation and restriction with a knowing and certainty of how to feel physically energized, light, fit and lean in your body. 

You’ll decide how hungry you want to be before you eat, how satisfied you want to feel after eating, and which foods serve your unique body – and you’ll eat this way, without thinking about it 24/7!!

As this happens, the weight will melt off

Lose 20-30 pounds in the next 90 days, reach and maintain your dream weight, and free up so much of your mental space that currently revolves around food

Living at your dream weight will feel natural and effortless. You won’t have to track or obsess over what you eat.

I've lost 65 pounds after having my baby.

It just gets easier the more weight I lose - not harder.


I've lost 20 pounds!

I've also found I really prefer foods that serve me - a huge win!


I'm back in my size 6's!

Losing the weight has been effortless and consistent. I've felt no deprivation.


I lost 10 pounds right away! 

I ate one of those snack-size candies every day after Halloween, and I still lost 5 pounds that week. It feels so good.


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