April 25, 2023

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | How to Adore your Body (and Lose Weight Even Faster)

Welcome to the final part of my three-part mini-series on how to adore your physical body. Adoration flourishes when we let go of perfection and make room for being present in our form. Without adoration and connection, it is impossible to understand your body’s natural cues.

Our cues hinge on being able to receive them, and honor them. Adoration is intrinsically full of care. When we honor our optimal state of being, rather than our fleeting desires, our life opens to health, wellness, and ease. Communication between our body and brain becomes natural and nuanced.

This week, I share experiences in my life when I lost more weight by releasing my sense of perfection. By honoring where I am now, I am able to tune in and cultivate more energy, more appreciation for food, and more adoration for my form. This week I share methods of tuning in, tools for identifying satisfaction levels, and more to help you on your journey to becoming Naturally Thin.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why acceptance will encourage weight loss.
  • What “your state of being” is.
  • The connection between thoughts and emotions.
  • How to say YES to how you want to feel.
  • Why it is important to identify how you feel before, during, and after eating.
  • The importance of discerning your true desire for food.
  • How stress and anxious vibrations can disrupt body cues.

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