February 28, 2023

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Why Change?

When it comes to making a change, we often decide why we want to do so from the place we are currently in. But this is often a place of struggle, frustration, or desperation, and doing so from this place doesn’t have the lifelong-lasting energy that you create when you become Naturally Thin.

On the contrary, when you create a change from your future self, from your Naturally Thin identity that you have created, the change will feel more aligned with your identity and is more likely to solidify as part of your identity. But first, you need to get truly clear on why you are making the change.

In this episode, I help you choose three reasons why you want to make a change in your life. I show you how to decide why you want to change and use that to create your Naturally Thin identity, and how to work through the doubt, fear, and uncertainty that will inevitably come along with it.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why doubt, worry, and fear are inevitable when making a change.
  • How to come back to your why every time you deviate from it.
  • What Naturally Thin means to me and why it is important.
  • The benefits of being clear about why you are making a change.
  • Why you need to decide your why from the identity you want to live with, not your current identity.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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