February 21, 2023

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Create Your Unique Naturally Thin Identity

Your identity is the way you think about yourself. It’s the attention you give to certain thought patterns and it is the way you view your reflection. We all have a Naturally Thin identity; an optimal way we want to think about our bodies and a way that we want to see our reflection no matter what the scale says. So what is your current identity?

It is so important to understand your current identity in order to create a new identity. We all get to decide what we want our identities to be like, so this week, I’m helping you get started creating yours in a way that is personalized and accustomed to you.

Join me this week to hear some prompts and examples to help you consider your current Naturally Thin identity and what you want from your optimal identity. I share a 3-step process to help you create a Naturally Thin identity that is unique and personal to you, and some ways to get started with this work.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What it looks like when you are not actively creating your Naturally Thin identity.
  • How to establish what your current Naturally Thin identity is.
  • The power of your unique Naturally Thin identity.
  • How one thought can change your entire experience of your body.
  • Why it is so important to create your Naturally Thin identity.

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