December 28, 2021

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | The Myth of Maintenance Mode

As much as I love the scale and using it, I hate the idea and concept of maintenance mode. Maintenance mode in weight loss implies you have to force your body to do something that isn’t natural or innate.

But this is a misunderstanding because the need for maintenance mode is a myth. Your body wants to be at your Naturally Thin weight, and it is already giving you the cues to help you get there. When your brain gets on board with your body’s desire to be Naturally Thin, you never need a maintenance mode.

Tune in this week and learn how to listen to those cues your body is giving you and understand why you never need maintenance mode in your life. Maintenance mode is talked about so often in weight loss that we just assume it must be true, but I’m showing you why it is actually the biggest lie in weight loss, and why believing it undermines your weight loss and Naturally Thin journey.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Some examples of why maintenance mode is a myth.
  • The difference between being Naturally Thin and traditional weight loss.
  • How to stop believing the myth of maintenance mode.
  • Why you should lose weight in the same way you keep it off.
  • How to effortlessly stay thin.
  • Why losing weight and being Naturally Thin are not the same thing.
  • The reason I hate the myth of maintenance mode so much.

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