July 2, 2024

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Elimination Protocols

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If you’re a regular listener of this podcast you know that I’m very anti-diet, calorie counting, and strict food rules, especially on a long-term basis. However, I do believe in following an elimination protocol when it’s about healing and understanding your body’s unique responses to food. These protocols aren’t about dieting in the traditional sense but about setting temporary rules to help identify and eliminate potential food triggers.

There are many motivations behind choosing to follow an elimination diet or food protocol. I’ve done them both to heal my body and, admittedly, to lose weight. The key difference in these experiences was my mindset. When I focused on healing, the process felt empowering and enlightening. When my goal was weight loss, the rigidity became unbearable.

Tune in this week to learn how to pinpoint your motivations for doing an elimination diet, successfully adopt a protocol, and integrate it into a sustainable, long-term lifestyle. Discover practical tips for understanding your body’s unique responses, the benefits of mindful eating, and how to create a nutrition plan that supports your overall health and happiness.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to differentiate between traditional diets and healing-focused elimination protocols.
  • The importance of understanding your body’s unique responses to different foods.
  • Why motivation matters in choosing and sticking to a food protocol.
  • Practical tips for integrating beneficial aspects of elimination diets into a long-term lifestyle.
  • Strategies for creating a sustainable nutrition plan that supports overall health and well-being.

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