April 30, 2024

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Daily Weight Goals

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Have you ever set a target far into the future but gotten too distracted with life to keep up with it? It can sometimes feel like once you’re committed to a weight loss goal, the rest will fall into place, but in actual fact, regular recommitment is a big part of the process. Today, I’m exploring how setting daily intentions around your weight can jumpstart your progress and keep you on track.

Daily goals keep you laser-focused on your progress. Setting intentions for the day and correlating them with a number on the scale can work wonders. It’s like training your brain to align your actions with your goals. And by checking in daily, you’re not giving your brain the chance to procrastinate or make excuses.

Tune in this week to learn all about setting daily weight goals. You’ll discover that not every day can be a win, but that’s ok. The key is to stay intentional about how you want to feel in your body, regardless of the numbers, and embrace the compound effect of small daily choices. So, join us as we set daily intentions and learn to trust the process!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How setting daily goals can help you to keep on track.
  • Why daily weight goals are more intentional than longer-term goals.
  • The correlation between setting daily intentions and aligning your actions with your desired outcomes.
  • Why it’s important to think about how you want to feel in your body when losing weight.
  • Why not every day will result in visible progress on the scale, but that’s okay.
  • How trusting the process can lead to long-term success.

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