February 27, 2024

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | How to Be Kind to Yourself Without Overeating

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For many of us, it’s easy enough to be strict and severe with ourselves. It’s a mindset we’re familiar with! But after restricting or criticizing ourselves for a long time, it’s normal to get exhausted and start noticing the opposite happening: more leniency. This often leads to overeating and not feeling great in our bodies.

We often believe that being critical of ourselves is the only way to lose weight, but it’s not! It’s possible and even preferable to be kind to yourself while also meeting your goals. Today, I’m sharing what being kind to yourself looks like for me and how you can potentially be kinder to yourself, too.

Tune in to discover what it means to be kind to yourself on your weight loss journey, and how to do so without overeating. You’ll learn why being kind doesn’t necessarily mean being lenient, what questions to ask yourself when deciding what to eat, and how to recognize what kindness really looks like.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Four questions to ask yourself when you are having a hard time being kind to yourself.
  • What it actually means to be lenient.
  • Examples of what being kind to yourself looks like for me.
  • What you should keep in mind when making decisions about food.
  • The potential outcomes of being harsh versus being lenient with yourself.

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