September 12, 2023

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Obsession vs Fierce Determination

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I work with a lot of type A, control freak, perfectionistic women and it’s common for many of them to worry about their tendency to obsess when it comes to losing weight. I tell them that they don’t need to shy away from their type-A qualities, but that obsessive thoughts can keep us on a hamster wheel if left unchecked.

As a type-A woman myself, I’ve found ways to celebrate my obsessive nature and use it to my advantage. I’m sharing these methods with you this week and showing you how to know if you are obsessing over something or actually just being fiercely determined. 

In this episode, discover how to leverage your perfectionist/type-A qualities and the key to stepping out of obsession. Learn how to identify your “obsession mode” and how to celebrate your state of being without sacrificing other aspects of your life.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How obsession feels in the body.
  • How to measure the net-positive, net-negative effect of your obsession.
  • 3 ways to know what “mode” you are in.
  • When to use “future-self” visioning.
  • How to move through (and away from) an obsessive thought.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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