July 11, 2023

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | The Right Discipline

Do you feel like you just need to get into the right routine? Or eat the right foods? And get the right calorie count every single day? To be honest, this type of discipline is not healthy. It’s too rigid, restricting, and draining. Luckily, there’s another type of discipline that is much easier and healthier.

This week we dig into the two different types of discipline. We look at what discipline looks like when it is easeful, focused, and purposeful, and what it looks like when it’s not. In the right way, discipline is energizing and allows you to understand your unique path toward a Naturally Thin Life.

Discover why when you work with your body, you will intuitively know your body’s way of being Naturally Thin. Learn how to use awareness, trust, and commitment, how to know you are on the right track, and methods for effortlessly working with discipline.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What the right type of discipline is.
  • How to redirect your discipline. 
  • Why effort and focus aren’t necessarily draining. 
  • Why the right disciple will grow your awareness and trust. 
  • How to use awareness, trust, and commitment. 
  • Difference between determination and obsession. 

Listen to the Full Episode:

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