May 10, 2022

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Joyfully Thin Unbound

So many of us live in constant states of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and restlessness. To end this, you must learn how to unbind yourself from feeling rushed, urgent, and pressured to make more room for joy.

I recently learned a tool from my coach called Process Pride, and I’m sharing it with you this week and showing you the benefits of incorporating it into your life. There are so many benefits to giving yourself permission to feel proud of yourself during your weight loss journey, so get ready to see how quickly it changes your experience!

Join me this week as I share the concept of Process Pride and show you how to use it to completely transform your relationship with weight loss. Hear why Process Pride makes your experience of the process of reaching your Naturally Thin weight even easier, and how it enables you to get there so much faster.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What I discovered about myself when I started to feel generally calmer.
  • How to use this tool to unbind yourself from stress, pressure, anxiety, overwhelm, and restlessness.
  • The reason your body and brain love strong emotions and how it affects you.
  • How to be proud of yourself during the process of losing weight.
  • The benefits of giving yourself permission to be proud of yourself for all the wins and experiences you have in the process.
  • How to let yourself be proud of yourself and live in the pride.

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