January 11, 2022

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | The Driven, Type A, Perfectionist Solution

Being Naturally Thin is simple. It happens when you LOVE the lightness and freeing feeling in your body MORE than the discomfort of overeating. But there are 3 particular obstacles that driven, Type A, perfectionist women face that prevent them from being Naturally Thin.

Once you understand these struggles, the solution to becoming Naturally Thin will become obvious. Once you stop overcomplicating it, it will become easier to lose the weight and keep it off and finally reach that light, freeing feeling you desire. And I’m showing you how to get there this week.

In this episode, I’m sharing the specific struggle that driven, ambitious, go-getter, Type A women face, and the solution to it. Discover the direct correlation between relying on willpower and self-sabotage, and what the process of rewiring your brain entails.

The bonus course Naturally Thin in 90 days starts TOMORROW, January 12, 2022, inside the Naturally Thin for Life program and you can join us here. We are all starting together to fast-track your journey to be Naturally Thin in just 90 days. It doesn’t matter if you have struggled with your weight since you were 2 or 20. In just 90 days you will lose 20 pounds and have re-trained your brain to lose weight in the same way you keep it off and… effortlessly find your Naturally Thin weight.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What willpower is and why everybody has it.
  • A visualization to help you understand this concept.
  • The only reason you think you need willpower.
  • An example of why holding yourself to impossible standards of perfection is a problem.
  • How to change your thought process around becoming Naturally Thin.

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