November 30, 2021

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | How to Make Your Goal Inevitable

There is yet to be a goal in my life that I have not reached. When I set a goal, I have either reached it or am in the process of reaching it, and there is no goal I have ever set where I thought I wouldn’t get there or I gave up. So how do you make your goal inevitable?

When it comes to dieting, so many of us are committed to losing 20 pounds and are committed to the diet that we think is going to get us there, almost to the detriment of the end result. We stay focused on the diet plan even if the scale isn’t moving and focus so hard on what we’re doing that we think it’s more important than how we’re thinking and feeling as we go towards the goal.

But there is a way to make any goal inevitable and Naturally Thin for Life members get a bonus training as soon as they join, where they learn my process to do this. So in this episode, I’m sharing the main point of this training so you can reach any goal you set and showing you the secret to making any goal you set inevitable.

When you join the Naturally Thin For Life program, you will immediately receive the full bonus training on How to Make Your Goal Inevitable. Join the only program designed for successful, driven women to end the obsessive dieting and gain the freedom of being Naturally Thin for Life. You’ll learn to implement the tools and concepts I teach to only eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and become Naturally Thin For Life. Click here to join the program today.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of being committed to the end result.
  • Why your goals will never work out exactly how you thought they would at the beginning.
  • The work we do to create our commitment to the end result.
  • Why I will never tell anybody what they should and should not be eating.
  • How to get clear on your end result and commit to it, no matter what.
  • Why you need to be willing to have trial and error in committing to your end result.

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