August 10, 2021

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | Eating vs Overeating

When you eat, do you find that you are eating for enjoyment and pleasure, or because you are trying to distract yourself from your emotions or something else going on in your life? When you eat to distract yourself, it can be difficult to know when to stop and result in overeating. Contrary to what you might think, it’s possible to experience the freedom and enjoyment of food without overeating.

There is a difference between eating and overeating but it is only when you understand what that difference feels like for you in your body that you will be able to stop overeating and lose weight for the last time.

In this episode, I’m sharing the difference between eating and overeating and showing you how to know when you have passed the tipping point to overeating. Discover how to enjoy eating without the fear of overdoing it, and how to develop the Naturally Thin mind that knows how to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s possible to love food and still be thin.
  • The mental freedom that is available to you when you develop a Naturally Thin brain.
  • What overeating looks like for me.
  • The concept of the incremental bite and how to use it to stop overeating.
  • Why overeating never actually makes you feel better.
  • The reason you go from eating to overeating.

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