August 3, 2021

Naturally Thin for Life with Laura Dixon | What Cravings Really Are

We have all experienced cravings – those urgent desires to eat the ice cream or cookies as though we don’t have a choice in the matter. It leaves us succumbing to our desires and feeling as though they are out of control. But is this really the case?

Most people think cravings happen to them. They believe their cravings are just a part of their identity – an intrinsic part of who they are. But thinking like this only makes them worse. Cravings do not have to feel out of your control – you can enjoy them when you learn what they really are and how to manage them.

Join me this week to learn the two different types of cravings and everything you need to get them under control. I’m helping you think about your cravings in a new light so they stop feeling like a mystery and start feeling more manageable, and showing you how to use this knowledge to make your weight loss easy and permanent.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How you might be solidifying the belief that cravings are beyond your control.
  • The difference between a body and a brain craving.
  • How to establish what cravings look like for you and your body.
  • Why understanding how cravings work will enable you to stop fighting with yourself.
  • How to lessen the intensity of your cravings.

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