February 16, 2021

A Gift to My Son

We often think about the stereotypes attached to women and how ridiculous it is that they are under so much pressure, but we don’t often acknowledge how the same is true for men. This is something I think about for my son, and in this week’s episode, I’m sharing a gift to him based on this.

We all have traits that are stereotypically defined as being masculine or feminine. When we think about these traits, they are almost all emotions. Emotions are not a woman thing; they are a human being thing, and this is what I want my son to know. Understanding his emotional wellbeing makes him stronger and more of a man, not less.

In this episode, I’m sharing a gift to my son that is important for all of us to remember, and explaining why everything you do or don’t do is because of an emotional experience. I’m sharing why allowing your emotions and understanding the experience means your relationship with food becomes much easier, and showing you how to use your emotions to become Naturally Thin.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What it means to be Naturally Thin.
  • The importance of understanding emotional wellbeing.
  • Why all overeating is emotional.  
  • What it means to be in touch with our emotional wellbeing.
  • The reason your brain wants to overeat.

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