February 2, 2021

The Paradox

When we spend our entire lives formulating our thought patterns, our brain runs them in the background without us having to consciously think about them. It takes a lot of mental energy and effort to change the way your brain thinks, and that’s why the paradox feels so uncomfortable.

The paradox is when your brain holds on to two beliefs that contradict, and when it comes to being Naturally Thin, it’s usually the thought that you’re never going to lose the weight and the thought that of course you’ll lose the weight. You must learn to be willing to be in the paradox and train your brain to think on purpose with thoughts that serve you.

Tune in this week and learn this important skill that will serve you not only in your weight loss journey but other areas of your life. I’m showing you the key to losing weight and never having to worry about putting it back on and how to use the paradox to become Naturally Thin in a sustainable way.

If you are ready to finally be free from counting, restricting, and obsessing with your weight, I will teach you how to come back to a brain and a body that work together. So that when your body tells your brain it isn’t hungry or it is satisfied your brilliant brain easily listens. It stops feeling like a battle and it becomes effortless. Click here to learn more about working with me one-on-one.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why all of the action you do or don’t take is fuelled by your thoughts.  
  • How I’ve done this work in my own life.
  • Why we fear what will happen if we hold contradictory thoughts.
  • How to establish if your thoughts are creating the results you want in your life.
  • Why your weight has nothing to do with you as a human being.
  • How to consciously change your thoughts.

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