January 5, 2021

All or Nothing

Some people think that an ‘all or nothing’ mentality doesn’t serve you when trying to lose weight, but I find my all or nothing thinking to be really useful in my life. In this episode, I’m not going to talk you out of your all or nothing thinking, but I’m going to show you how to use it to your advantage.

When working toward being naturally thin, being ‘all in’ might mean you’re obsessing over calories and keeping track of what you’re eating like crazy, while the ‘nothing’ consists of giving into the food and then mentally obsessing about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. It’s a rollercoaster that isn’t really helping you get to the place where you’re comfortable with your weight.

Tune in this week as I share my experiences with all or nothing thinking, and show you how to use it to your advantage. I’m giving you permission to keep your all or nothing way of thinking and sharing how to lean into that energy to help you achieve your goal of being naturally thin for the rest of your life!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How you might be currently using all or nothing thinking.
  • Why all or nothing thinking can be beneficial to you.
  • How to change your perspective and thought patterns.
  • What it feels like to be in an all or nothing mindset.
  • How to think like a naturally thin woman.

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  • Are you ready to put the struggle and obsession of losing weight behind you for good? Click here to learn more about becoming a Naturally Thin for Life member.
  • 42. Perfectionist Eating

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