November 17, 2020

Pleasure Match

Right now you struggle to lose weight or keep it off and fight the obsession because you haven’t come back to your innate Pleasure Match.

Your body never wants to eat the second bowl of ice cream or eat when you aren’t hungry, only your brain does.

Dieting creates a lack of trust between your brain and your body.

Your brain stops listening to your body.

So when your body is trying to tell your brain to stop eating and it says “hey you, I’m uncomfortable, please put the fork down” your brain doesn’t know how to hear it.

But when you come back to the Pleasure Match, your brain and body experience the pleasure of food in the same way.

When your brain and body are on the same page, you will only ever want to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied.

The Pleasure Match is innate. It already exists. You just have to come back to it.

Click play above to listen to this week’s podcast episode where I walk you through how to come back to the Pleasure Match your brain and body are waiting for.


P.S. If you are ready to unlearn your diet brain and come back to your Pleasure Match so that you always know how to allow your hunger and satisfy your hunger without the battle, I can help you. I will teach you how to let go of the counting, restricting and obsessing to develop the Naturally Thin brain so that your body comes along easily. Click here to learn how to work with me.