November 10, 2020

pure enjoyment

Dieting, restricting, counting and obsessing inevitably creates fear around food.

Of course it does.

Your brain is designed to keep you alive so when you restrict and deprive yourself, your brain inherently learns a fear response associated with food.

This is completely normal for a human brain.

The fear response is what kept us alive back before home delivery grocery service.

Now, you have food readily available to you but that primal part of your brain doesn’t always know that because you have taught it restriction with a full pantry.

So that fear response of not enough food clouds your enjoyment of food. It is like a fog constantly hanging over you.

But, when you learn how to let go of that fear fog, you get to experience the pure enjoyment of food without the fear.

Click above to listen to this week’s podcast episode to find out how to let go of the fear and experience the pure enjoyment of food.


P.S. When you are Naturally Thin, you allow hunger, satisfy your hunger (without stuffing it) because you lose the desire to distract yourself with food. This happens when you learn the skill of truly making peace with any emotion. But this can feel almost impossible with a brain that has been dieting. When you un-wind your diet brain and start with a clean slate, the habits that support you being Naturally Thin become obvious because your brain and body are on the same page. It finally feels like your brain is working for you instead of feeling like it is your biggest obstacle. Click here to learn more about working with me.