November 3, 2020

success with failure

Being Naturally Thin means you succeed with the failure.

They actually go hand-in-hand.

Because being Naturally Thin is a skill you learn.

When you learn a new skill there will be some failure along the way.

But that is part of the process.

You succeed WITH the failure, not in the absence of it.

When a baby learns to walk, she falls down at first.

It is the process of falling down and getting back up in which she develops the strength to walk steadily.

The falling down doesn’t mean anything about her as a person, it just means she is learning to walk.

But once she knows how to walk, she just walks without thinking about it.

Becoming Naturally Thin is the same.

Learning how to succeed with the failure is part of the process because the failure will propel you forward instead of drag you down.

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