October 27, 2020

evening rebel

The evening rebel says this is too hard, I am going to eat my snacks, I don’t care about losing weight, screw this, I will start tomorrow.

She seems to appear every evening (or around 3pm) and she feels harder and harder to overcome.

You don’t have to battle with your evening rebel.

On this week’s podcast, I will teach you how to make the evening rebel disappear.

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P.S. When you are Naturally Thin, you allow hunger, satisfy your hunger (without stuffing it) and feel your emotions. But this can feel almost impossible with the diet brain you have learned. When you un-wind your diet brain and start with a clean slate, the habits that support you being Naturally Thin become obvious because your brain and body are on the same page. It finally feels like your brain is working for you instead of feeling like it is your biggest obstacle. If you are ready to do this work together, click here to learn more about how to work with me.