October 20, 2020

5 emotions of the naturally thin mind

When you try to find the find the “right” habit so that you can end the mental battle with food you are doing it backwards.

If it was about finding the right habit you would have found it by now.

You might lose weight by focusing solely on your habits, but your brain comes with you.

That is why the change is never permanent or only lasts until Wednesday.

Your body will not do something long-term that your brain isn’t on board with.

So, you must unlearn your diet brain and learn a Naturally Thin brain because, when you change your brain first, your body comes along for the ride easily.

Your emotions tell you what is happening in your brain.

There are 5 common emotions of the Naturally Thin mind.

Understanding these emotions, practicing them and understanding why you don’t feel them on a regular basis will bring out of your diet brain and into a Naturally Thin brain so that the habits you have been searching for become obvious and easy.

Press play above to listen to this week’s podcast episode that explains to you The 5 Emotions of a Naturally Thin Mind.


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