September 1, 2020

success sabotage

You are, unknowingly, using your past successes against yourself as you try to lose weight.

Success Sabotage appears in two primary forms:

  1. Using past diet success against yourself. This is you if it feels harder and harder to lose weight the more you try. Or if you feel like you need to control, restrict or deprive more.
  2. Using success from other areas of your life against yourself. This is you if you tell yourself any variation of…I am so good at my job, in my carer, as a mom, in my relationships, I can’t understand why losing weight feels so hard.

You don’t even know you are engaging in this success sabotage, because if you did you wouldn’t consciously keep doing it.

Simply bring your awareness to how it shows up in your life and watch it dissipate.

Click below to listen to this week’s podcast episode on Success Sabotage.

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