August 25, 2020

chasing adequacy

Stop chasing adequacy with the number on the scale, how much money you make, what your house looks like or the bag you own.

It will leave you always chasing.

What do you do when you are being chased? You run.

The run comes in the form of the f*ck it, it doesn’t matter anyways, I will start tomorrow, I don’t care if I am fat.

You only stop running when you stop chasing adequacy.

Naturally thin women don’t become naturally thin to feel adequate.

They decide they are adequate first and then are naturally thin just because they want to be.

The feeling of a calm effortlessness is what allows the change for the naturally thin woman to be permanent.

You cannot feel a calm effortlessness when you are chasing adequacy because chasing is exhausting

If you are ready to stop chasing, listen to this week’s podcast episode below.