August 11, 2020

you actually like doing hard things

You love feeling accomplished and proud.

Of yourself and of other people.


It is because our brains love a challenge and actually are hardwired to solve problems.

You know deep down, you love doing hard things.

Doing something hard is what fuels the feeling of accomplishment.

You admire people that do things that you perceive as hard, whether it be making money, in a marriage, as a parent, as a friend, starting a business AND losing weight and keeping it off easily.

That is why you want to emulate them.

Because you want to do hard things. You love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

I have noticed this concept in every single one of the last five books I have read recently (because I love studying successful people in all areas of life).

What if you let becoming naturally thin be hard?

Ironically when you let it be hard, it doesn’t feel so hard anymore.

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