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Start your Naturally Thin life today... no more exhausting diets, only permanent results.

This time losing weight gets to be different

with The Naturally Thin Method

When you're a super high-achiever and you've spent years or decades dieting, yet aren't at the weight you want... 

All you've been missing is the right roadmap.

The roadmap to go from feeling frustrated, defeated (and often obsessive) about your food and weight to living in your Naturally Thin body with the peace of finally being done.

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All that's happened is you've developed a diet brain, which often starts out like this... 

The high-achiever in you meticulously counts calories, rigorously exercises, eats in restrictive fasting windows or cuts out all carbs because these methods make logical sense to you as a way to lose weight... but you hate doing these things.

And the idea of not dieting is scary because you don't want to gain weight.

So you're left stuck and frustrated not wanting to diet but unsure how else to reach your goal weight.

Then your diet brain begins to leads to this...

  • You constantly thinking about eating the right food, the wrong food, too many calories, not enough calories, trying to control your portions, avoiding certain restaurants and worrying about snacks in the break room. 
  • The number on the scale can make or break your day because when it goes down, you're ecstatic and when it goes up you're devastated.
  • You start to feel a little obsessive thinking and worrying about food and your weight all the time, looking for the next "big thing" to solve it all and make the obsession finally go away.
  • You find yourself in an ongoing negotiation and battle with yourself to see "how much food you can get away with." 
  • You've developed a somewhat love / hate relationship with food because you enjoy eating it yet it also feels like the enemy to reaching your dream weight.

Click play below to hear how Tiffanie overcame her diet brain with the Naturally Thin Method...

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And to top it all off...

You're highly successful at everything else you do, but food and your weight seem to be the ONE area of your life where you don't feel in control. 

The harder you try, the harder it gets.

You end up exhausted and devastated telling yourself "I should've been able to figure this out by now." 

And you even contemplate throwing in the towel on your goal weight.

So... you KNOW you don't need another diet or meal plan telling you what to eat.

Thankfully, there's another way... to reach your dream weight and LIVE there effortlessly for the rest of your life.


It's the Naturally Thin Method 

The roadmap to go from a diet brain to a Naturally Thin mind with the body to prove it

(no matter how many times you've tried to lose weight before).

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When you use the Naturally Thin Method.... 

  • Hunger becomes a calm communication tool from your body so that you don't freak out at the first sign of hunger and want to eat everything in sight, which means you peacefully enjoy the food you eat.
  • You automatically stop eating when you feel nourished, energized, lean and vibrant so you get to feel incredible in your body all day long.
  • You desire food that serves your body so you enjoy what you eat, never feel deprived and watch the scale consistently drop.
  • Being Naturally Thin becomes a part of your identity, it is just who you are, so even when you're out of your 'normal' routine you easily live your life in your Naturally Thin body without every worrying about food or your weight.
  • Out of control cravings become a thing of the past and you feel in control, calm and relaxed around food in ANY situation.
  • Your weight stops feeling like a battle because your mind and body are in harmony as you live at your dream weight for life.

Click play below to hear how Erica lost 23 pounds in 10 weeks with the Naturally Thin Method...

With the Naturally Thin Method, you can expect...

  • The scale to easily go down right away. 
  • Your momentum to naturally build as you implement the easy step-by-step process.
  • To lose weight in the same way you keep it off, specific to your unique lifestyle and dream weight.
  • Your confidence to soar because being Naturally Thin is no longer illusive and you've finally figured it out.
  • To wake up feeling energetic, light and airy with more zest for life because you feel incredible in your body.
  • To adore your body as you get dressed... and, not just once you've lost the weight, but each day as the scale moves closer to your dream weight.
  • Freedom and peace because you know you never need to restrict or deprive yourself again.

Click play below to hear how Desiree lost weight peacefully + rapidly with the Naturally Thin Method...

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How do I know?

Friend, I've been there too... 

I'm Laura Dixon

I was a Director at a Fortune 500 tech company as a CPA before I was 30.

Despite my career success, I could NOT figure out how to lose weight and keep it off easily like other naturally thin women. 

I tried ALL the things:

  • counting calories using tracking apps
  • training for a marathon
  • intense cleansing with homemade raw juices 
  • intermittent fasting
  • and even some more extreme methods that are embarrassing.. haven't we all?

The harder I tried, the harder it got. UNTIL... I found what I had been missing.

I (like you) was just missing the right roadmap...

the Naturally Thin Method

Me at 195 pounds

while counting calories and doing P90X... exhausted, frustrated and embarrassed.

Me at 136 pounds

now... I'm effortlessly 136 pounds at 5'11" with 3 kids under 5. No counting or restriction. Complete freedom - the way you are meant to live.

Hit play below to hear how Priscila lost 12 pounds in just weeks after doctors were baffled.

Hit play below to hear how Erin lost 30 pounds, trusts her body and feels more peaceful than ever before.

What other women have to say about the Naturally Thin Method... 

I have lost 65 pounds after having my second baby. I lost 5 pounds and then another 5 pounds and I kept going. As I started going down in my weight, it created a snowball effect and now it is easier the more weight I lose, not harder.


I've found I really prefer foods that serve me. A huge win! Since I started last August, I've lost 20 pounds, 15 pounds since February of this year. (I started the workbook at the end of January). Honestly, the workbook, the satisfaction video and the podcast on the fear of undereating helped a ton!


I just went through my closet clean out and I'm done with the size 10's and 12's. I'm back into my size 6's! It feels really good.

Losing these 13 pounds has been effortless, consistent and I've felt no restriction, no deprivation, no nothing! 


So I lost like 10 pounds right away! I even gave myself permission to eat one of those snack size candies every day the week after Halloween and I still lost 5 pounds that week.

It's so good… Just thinking about how my past self got me here. Past self sign me up to be Naturally Thin for Life!


Discover how Geraldine broke free from food obsession after 30 years of dieting and trusted her body to lose weight. Hit play below.

Discover how Becky effortlessly lost 20 pounds and found peace and trust in her body's wisdom to guide her to her natural weight.

Join the Naturally Thin for Life membership below to peacefully live in your dream body for life.

Here's how it works...

You get immediate, on-demand access to the following to start losing weight right away:

The Proven 5-Step Naturally Thin Method

You get the 5-Step Naturally Thin Method broken down into simple daily lessons which means you shift from a diet brain to your Naturally Thin mindset AND start losing weight Day 1.

You feel more calm, peaceful and in control right away.

You have the tools you need for stressful days when you contemplate your snack choices on your drive home, when intense cravings come up, if your plans change, when you're out of your normal routine, on vacation and more.

These tools are the change makers you use in your daily life to easily get your already brilliant mind working for you (instead of feeling like it's the obstacle) as you reach your dream weight.

Implementation Workbook

You get a hardcopy delivered to your doorstep as soon as you join

(plus an electronic version available on-demand)

Use your Naturally Thin implementation workbook to easily and consistently apply the 5-Step Naturally Thin Method and customize it to your unique lifestyle, body and goal weight.

Say goodbye to stopping and starting as you watch the scale drop more rapidly and peacefully than ever before.

Unlimited Live Support

Get live support from me any time you want help.

Join our live weekly group calls over Zoom or post inside your private member portal 24/7.

Get the support you need to make consistent progress towards your goal and accelerate your personalized Naturally Thin journey to reach your dream weight even faster.

New Bonus Material Unlocked Each Month 

Each month during your membership you unlock bonus, mini-courses to further customize your Naturally Thin journey and make your unique Naturally Thin identity and body a reality.  

You'll unlock How to Adore Your Body, Create Your Unique Naturally Thin Identity, Naturally Thin Confidence, Losing Weight after a Baby, Free Yourself from Anxiety and more! 

Check out the inside look video below to take a tour of your Naturally Thin for Life member portal.

10 Pounds Lighter Jumpstart

LIVE December 1, 2023

Kickoff your Naturally Thin journey with the live 10 Pounds Lighter Jumpstart call on December 1st to unleash your Naturally Thin mind and watch the scale drop with ease. 

Set yourself up for consistency and natural momentum as your body becomes lighter and more energized.

Be 10 pounds lighter in 30 days or less, when you have the tools to avoid self-sabotage and you embrace your body's innate desire to feel alive and vibrant without relying on restriction or intense willpower.  

Mobile App + Private Podcast

Easily access all your Naturally Thin for Life content directly from your complimentary mobile app, included in your membership.

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Join the Naturally Thin for Life membership for $297 per month.

It's a monthly membership designed for you to be Naturally Thin in 90 days or less.


Stay as long as you want and easily cancel anytime, no questions asked.

The freedom of being Naturally Thin starts now.

This time gets to be different.

As a Naturally Thin for Life member, it's common to lose 10 pounds in 30 days, 20 pounds in 90 days or more.

Get ready for the shock to your system from the ease with which you lose this weight.

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Finally lose weight in a way that both your mid and body are on board with.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Use this program to lose the weight you want OR we give you your money back.



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Common Questions

Is this the same as intuitive eating?

I've found it's almost impossible for a diet brain to jump straight to intuitive eating. Years of restriction, deprivation and strict rules require you to rebuild trust with your body so that you are able to use your body's cues to tell you exactly when, what and how much to eat to reach your ideal weight. Your body WANTS you to be Naturally Thin and it will tell you exactly how to get there but you need to hone your skill of easily and automatically listening to it. 

Often when your diet brain attempts to eat intuitively (without the step-by-step process to rebuild the trust required with your body), you may end up with "rebellious" eating where your diet brain just wants to eat everything that you've been restricting for years and often you end up gaining weight. The 5-Step Naturally Thin Method is the exact roadmap a diet brain needs to simultaneously lose weight and develop the lifelong skill of being an effortless intuitive eater so that you live peacefully in your dream body.

Do I have to give up certain foods?

Nope, never.

Does this work if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, the Naturally Thin for Life program will work for you. This program should never replace your relationship with your primary health care provider. The 5-Step Naturally Thin Method will allow you to tune into and trust your body no matter the season or phase of life. While we don't recommend losing weight during pregnancy, this program can help you from putting on excess weight during pregnancy and allow you feel as optimal as possible with your food choices by tuning into the food that serves your body during the this season of your life.

Will this work for me if I am over 65 and have struggled my whole life?

Yes. This time gets to be different. It's time to put this behind you for good and live the rest of your life the Naturally Thin way.

Does this work if I binge?

Yes, the Naturally Thin for Life program will help you put an end to binging for good. However, we do want to note that if your binge eating significantly impacts your ability to function in your daily life that you may want to seek the support of a licensed therapist who specializes in binge eating disorder either before joining this program or in combination with this program. If you feel your binge eating doesn't significantly impact your ability to function in your daily life, this program will help you put an end to compulsive, out of control eating. I personally used to binge eat regularly and this was her first area of focus in her own healing journey to becoming Naturally Thin.

Will this work if I have an auto-immune diagnosis or food sensitivities?

Yes, the Naturally Thin for Life program will work for you. This program should never replace your relationship with your primary health care provider. The 5-Step Naturally Thin Method will allow you feel more energized and vibrant in your body even with an autoimmune diagnosis and allow you to tune into your body to reach your body's ideal weight while living with the mental freedom you are craving.

Email Laura@LauraDixonCoaching.com with your specific questions.

Receive a response within 24 hours.

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