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End the obsessive dieting and 

become Naturally Thin for Life

No calorie or macro counting, food restricting, traditional intuitive eating, or fasting required! 

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You can lose weight by following a diet ... 

... but the minute you loosen your grip on that diet - the weight always comes back

And, maybe you're tired of ...

❎ tracking calories or macros on your phone all day

❎ feeling guilty when you eat more than your diet permits 

❎ constantly obsessing about food and working out

But you don't know what else you can do or if losing weight for good is even possible!

Good news ...

There's an easier way to lose weight quickly and keep it off naturally - for life

The Naturally Thin for LifeTM method does not require you to fast, track food, or battle with calories to reach and maintain your ideal weight… freeing up so much of your mental space that’s currently devoted to dieting. 

Watch the free masterclass below to see how it works!

This free class is for you if ...

You've already tried everything to lose weight and keep it off. Friend, I get it ...

hi, I'm Laura Dixon 

For most of my life, it drove me crazy that I could not figure out how to lose weight and keep it off easily.

It wasn't for a lack of determination or even discipline! 

Counting calories, training for a marathon, intermittent fasting, being a raw vegan, using keto rules, doing juice cleanses - you name it, I've done it.

And it wasn't because I needed more self-control or drive. I became a director at a Fortune 500 tech company as a CPA before I was 30. If you give me a problem, I'll solve it.

Which is why my constant struggle to lose weight just didn't make sense!

Then - finally - after a decade of trying to lose weight by following everyone else's rules and programs, I lost 60 pounds through what I now call The Naturally Thin for LifeTM method.

With this method, I've felt amazing in my body and lived at my dream weight for over 6 years (even through multiple pregnancies), and I've helped thousands of women of all ages to achieve the same.

This free masterclass gives you the exact steps I used myself and have taught so many others to become Naturally Thin for LifeTM. I'll see you there!

I was feeling so frustrated trying to exercise more and watch what I was eating but it wasn't working. When I learned how to change my habits with the Naturally Thin for LifeTM method I lost 50 pounds.



The Naturally Thin for LifeTM method is exactly what has been missing for me that allowed me to finally end years of yo-yoing. 


Nurse Practitioner

I went from doing HIIT 2x/day to finally being relaxed around food and in my body and I've lost weight consistently for the first time in years with the Naturally Thin for LifeTM method.


Tech Consultant

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