I AM...

Laura Dixon

I am the Naturally Thin Coach.

I spent over a decade obsessively dieting I could get my hands one, training for a marathon and driving myself insane to lose weight.

I was a Director at a Fortune 500 tech company before I was 30 but felt out of control with my weight.

I didn't understand how I could be so successful yet struggle with losing weight and keeping it off easily.

Until I learned how to trust my body's own desire to be Naturally Thin.

Then, not only did I reach my goal weight but I lost an additional 20 pounds.

i am 5'11" and weighed 195 pounds...

I had to really dig to find an old picture of myself because I didn't even own a camera when I was at my heaviest weight and I avoided pictures on my own wedding day.

I weighed 195 pounds even while I was actively trying to lose weight on a diet.

now...i sit at 140 pounds with ease

Before AND after two kids.

I haven't dieted in years because I learned to trust my body's innate desire to be Naturally Thin.

Now, I teach other brilliant, successful women how to get out of the bottomless pit of dieting and become Naturally Thin for Life

Your body wants to be Naturally Thin. You only need to learn how to listen to it.

When you learn to trust your own body's desire to be Naturally Thin it will show you the fastest way there.

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