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So you can finally reach and maintain your ideal weight without dieting, tracking calories, or obsessing over food!

Naturally Thin for LifeTM

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Friend, you have options ...

❌Keep doing all the things you’ve already tried to lose weight

Track calories or macros

Fast with super short eating windows

Hyper-restrict carbs, sugar or flour

Jump into the latest workout trend

But you don’t have to! If losing weight and keeping it off was as simple as less calories and more exercise, you would have done it by now – guaranteed!

❌Give up and decide you're not meant to be Naturally Thin

White knuckling your way through diets for so long is exhausting… especially when you don't see permanent results on the scale.

Let me reassure you: No matter your age, lifestyle, genetics, how long you've dieted, or body type, you can absolutely lose the weight and keep it off. 

Thousands of women from all backgrounds and walks of life have lost 20-30 pounds in just 90 days inside Naturally Thin for LifeTM

This time gets to be different!

Try the Naturally Thin for LifeTM  method - for just $7

Yes!! This is it.

When you join Naturally Thin for LifeTM you'll gain a new method to lose weight easily and quickly and become free from having to constantly think about food.

Start your 7 day trial and get immediate access to the entire Naturally Thin for LifeTM membership

Your membership includes:

  • Short, easy-to-follow video trainings that show you how to lose 20-30 pounds in 90 days and reach your dream weight – peacefully.

  • Live coaching calls to support you with challenges and provide answers to all your weight-loss questions (with replays available!).

  • On-demand written coaching support for any question or obstacle along the way.


Join the Naturally Thin for LifeTM 

7 day / $7 trial, and get these FREE bonuses to jumpstart your weight loss now

Lifetime access to an exclusive training: How to Break Any Eating Habit

This training will show you how to finally (and peacefully) break any eating habit that is keeping you from reaching your dream weight - you know, like over-indulging on the ‘healthy’ snacks or eating too much every Friday.

The Naturally Thin for Life
LifeTM workbook

This isn’t homework – this is your guide on how to honor your body’s hunger cues, eat to feel satisfied, stop overeating naturally, and handle any emotion without relying on food as a crutch. 

 Our Naturally Thin for LifeTM members lose 20-30 pounds within 90 using this incredible tool.

Access to Naturally Thin for LifeTM on desktop and mobile app

With the app, you can consume every training and coaching call and gain all the knowledge from Naturally Thin For LifeTM  anytime, anywhere.

Simply pop in your earbuds, listen like a podcast, and you’re set!

The Naturally Thin for LifeTM Guarantee

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your access to Naturally Thin for LifeTM anytime without any hassle. Just log in to your account and click 'cancel my account.' Or, contact our support team at laura@lauradixoncoaching.com, and we'll help you cancel it - no questions asked. It's that simple.


risk free

How Brenda became Naturally Thin for Life at 52 - after years of dieting, tracking macros and CrossFit

Discover the one thing you haven't tried to reach and maintain your ideal weight with ease - no dieting, food tracking, or fasting required.

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